Here’s the study guide for Block 5’s last midweek installment of hell.  The weather keeps getting better and the workload keeps getting heavier.  And time is standing still as far as I can tell.  Good luck, as always, any tips or glaring corrections for  the doc are more than appreciated. Anatomy Block 5 Oral Quiz […]

One of the first things I learned was that everybody poops.  A two-humped camel makes a two-humped poop and a one-humped camel makes a one-humped poop.  Poo-poo platters most certainly equal poo-poo explosions.  Sometimes it’s green and sometimes it mimics marble-rye and girl’s definitely don’t poop at all.  But don’t poo-poo me as I digress, because […]


So there are six objectives, all fairly short.  If you agree with me that #3 is vague and I could have answered it better, let me know.  Also, since I totally ignored the innervations for objectives #6 & #8 from the week before vacation, I updated those as well.  Enjoy. Anatomy Block 5 Oral Quiz […]

Christ almighty.  This is rough.  Anatomy guide is on it’s way for Wednesday, about half done.  Enjoy the rest of our standup comedy hour.

This week in SCIENCE! Might as well come out and admit it, the new evidence in extraterrestrial life is pretty goddamn awesome.  No, they’re not invading.  No, these aliens aren’t even multicellular.  But, biological remains found inside a 2012 meteorite in Sri Lanka have finally been analyzed showing organic structures that distantly mimic extant and […]

So without much ado, here’s a completed list of objectives for the anatomy quiz this week.  Note, there are 8 objectives and none are all that simple.  My prayers go out to anyone with a preceptorship in the next few days. Anatomy Block 5 Oral Quiz Review  

It was one of those days yesterday when you wake up and log onto the news and find something that’s truly cool.  An infant, placentally infected with HIV, was treated very quickly as a neonate with a triple threat of known anti-retroviral therapies (unconventional).  Fast forward to about 2 years of age… At this point, […]

so this week’s anatomy quiz has 7 objectives: some simple and some complex.  so in case Monday’s lecture wasn’t depressing enough, here’s my weekly attempt at reading the Honey Badger’s mind (click).

#5 – Brittany’s Healthy Cookies First of all, these things are delicious and filling.  Nuts, berries, chocolate chips, sugar, molasses, and raisins.  Nom.  Note: coma-inducing. #4 – 2 Cereal Drums and 16oz Milk I’ll admit this is my go-to dose of glucose.  I’m writing this and consuming both Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes with 1.5% […]