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What’s living in your crap? A stool sampling of science

One of the first things I learned was that everybody poops.  A two-humped camel makes a two-humped poop and a one-humped camel makes a one-humped poop.  Poo-poo platters most certainly equal poo-poo explosions.  Sometimes it’s green and sometimes it mimics marble-rye and girl’s definitely don’t poop at all.  But don’t poo-poo me as I digress, because […]

ALIENS! yes this week in science, possible discovery of extraterrestrial life

This week in SCIENCE! Might as well come out and admit it, the new evidence in extraterrestrial life is pretty goddamn awesome.  No, they’re not invading.  No, these aliens aren’t even multicellular.  But, biological remains found inside a 2012 meteorite in Sri Lanka have finally been analyzed showing organic structures that distantly mimic extant and […]

what we missed on block week…in SCIENCE

Here’s a sampling of science you likely missed last week: What in the hell is parthenogenesis?  Those six syllables might end the embryonic stem cell debate for good. Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving.  Yup A protein called Jagged-1, sounds like a rough rider, but might actually stimulate bone growth.  Click here Remember epigenomics?  Might be […]

this week in science! Zombie cells, resources for anatomy, and how my favorite seafood will save babies

Scientists really need to know when to stop.  Zombie cells.      WTF cutting through the mumbojumbo… guy invented a 1-time flu vaccination. well done this would be a perfect and mindnumbing fight club between biochem, micro and immuno.  in this fight club battle royale, we all know Vaughn would eventually take home the belt.   […]

science is mindblowing

Drinking booze with a diet mixer gets you drunk faster Enough said. Haters cant hate my diet 7&7 anymore. with caffeine concerns rising, how much do you know about it? apparently 5hr energy, monster, red bull and everything else that i survive on isn’t all that healthy for me man walks with artificial heart? sick […]

For the bookless and poor…Ganong Week 24

Check out the links below to access Chapters 31 & 33 of Ganong Physio.  30 OMK objectives this weekend in all, good luck. Ch 31 Ch 33