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The beginning of the end…and some science

The final countdown.  4…3…2…1  I know our blackboard metaphor is going to keep my rapt attention.  Block 6 is here!  Time for pelvic exams!  I think?  I have no idea but I bet as we continue our education into the pelvis, poop jokes are sure to follow.  Can’t wait.  Poop.  I laughed writing that.  Well, […]

what we missed on block week…in SCIENCE

Here’s a sampling of science you likely missed last week: What in the hell is parthenogenesis?  Those six syllables might end the embryonic stem cell debate for good. Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving.  Yup A protein called Jagged-1, sounds like a rough rider, but might actually stimulate bone growth.  Click here Remember epigenomics?  Might be […]