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The Definitive Guide to Deliciously Acquire Diabetes on Campus

#5 – Brittany’s Healthy Cookies First of all, these things are delicious and filling.  Nuts, berries, chocolate chips, sugar, molasses, and raisins.  Nom.  Note: coma-inducing. #4 – 2 Cereal Drums and 16oz Milk I’ll admit this is my go-to dose of glucose.  I’m writing this and consuming both Apple Jacks and Frosted Flakes with 1.5% […]

science is mindblowing

Drinking booze with a diet mixer gets you drunk faster Enough said. Haters cant hate my diet 7&7 anymore. with caffeine concerns rising, how much do you know about it? apparently 5hr energy, monster, red bull and everything else that i survive on isn’t all that healthy for me man walks with artificial heart? sick […]

This week in SCIENCE!

Other things to consider than which comedian our lecturer is channeling today… Med students are slowly losing their minds… Tell me something I dont know.  Stress, anxiety, depression…check, check, and give me some time. Motivation to hit the gym?? Answer, probably not.  While the study might read to most as “Athletes have higher sperm count […]