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The beginning of the end…and some science

The final countdown.  4…3…2…1  I know our blackboard metaphor is going to keep my rapt attention.  Block 6 is here!  Time for pelvic exams!  I think?  I have no idea but I bet as we continue our education into the pelvis, poop jokes are sure to follow.  Can’t wait.  Poop.  I laughed writing that.  Well, […]

ALIENS! yes this week in science, possible discovery of extraterrestrial life

This week in SCIENCE! Might as well come out and admit it, the new evidence in extraterrestrial life is pretty goddamn awesome.  No, they’re not invading.  No, these aliens aren’t even multicellular.  But, biological remains found inside a 2012 meteorite in Sri Lanka have finally been analyzed showing organic structures that distantly mimic extant and […]

an HIV baby cured, sex > aspirin, MIT labs do it again, and an teenage American nuclear physicist

It was one of those days yesterday when you wake up and log onto the news and find something that’s truly cool.  An infant, placentally infected with HIV, was treated very quickly as a neonate with a triple threat of known anti-retroviral therapies (unconventional).  Fast forward to about 2 years of age… At this point, […]

what we missed on block week…in SCIENCE

Here’s a sampling of science you likely missed last week: What in the hell is parthenogenesis?  Those six syllables might end the embryonic stem cell debate for good. Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving.  Yup A protein called Jagged-1, sounds like a rough rider, but might actually stimulate bone growth.  Click here Remember epigenomics?  Might be […]

science is mindblowing

Drinking booze with a diet mixer gets you drunk faster Enough said. Haters cant hate my diet 7&7 anymore. with caffeine concerns rising, how much do you know about it? apparently 5hr energy, monster, red bull and everything else that i survive on isn’t all that healthy for me man walks with artificial heart? sick […]

This week, in science!

Interesting post from the WashPost on their WonkBlog…turns out that 50% of what we do as doctors are yet to be proven effective interventions! What are we doing here? This is just cool, 739kB stored on DNA? And then retrieved?  DNA iPods next? Data Storage becomes possible using DNA?? Meanwhile in Texas, they’re building human […]

For the bookless and poor…Ganong Week 24

Check out the links below to access Chapters 31 & 33 of Ganong Physio.  30 OMK objectives this weekend in all, good luck. Ch 31 Ch 33

And here we go!

Since this blog is about to be ‘Facebook official’ with the class shortly, welcome to my experiment here.   Last summer, I had an idea to create and manage a running dialogue with my classmates and chronicle how we’re developing (if at all).  Honestly, that idea alone was pretty dry and I refuse to let […]

For the bookless and poor….

Courtesy of our classmate Tim D., here are the chapters for the Week 23 Internal Medicine reading Chapter 124. Infective Endocarditis Chapter 133. Treatment and Prophylaxis of Bacterial Infections Chapter 238. Cardiomyopathy and Myocarditis Actual content is coming soon!