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Prepare yourselves, summer is almost here…last guide

Last anatomy quiz guide for the year! Advertisements

3 more quizzes to go!

Without much ado, find the link to this week’s study guide.  3 more weeks of this.  Does that mean 3 more weeks of blogging relevancy? Maybe.  Stay tuned over the weeks to come to hear about how I hope I can recruit some help to make sure we all pass boards next year… Block 6 […]

Hell week….it’s happening (guide within)

Here’s the study guide for Block 5’s last midweek installment of hell.  The weather keeps getting better and the workload keeps getting heavier.  And time is standing still as far as I can tell.  Good luck, as always, any tips or glaring corrections for  the doc are more than appreciated. Anatomy Block 5 Oral Quiz […]

And here’s this week’s anatomy study guide…

So there are six objectives, all fairly short.  If you agree with me that #3 is vague and I could have answered it better, let me know.  Also, since I totally ignored the innervations for objectives #6 & #8 from the week before vacation, I updated those as well.  Enjoy. Anatomy Block 5 Oral Quiz […]

last anatomy quiz between me and warmer climes (study guide herein)

So without much ado, here’s a completed list of objectives for the anatomy quiz this week.  Note, there are 8 objectives and none are all that simple.  My prayers go out to anyone with a preceptorship in the next few days. Anatomy Block 5 Oral Quiz Review  

Anatomy Study Guide: Block 5 has begun!

so this week’s anatomy quiz has 7 objectives: some simple and some complex.  so in case Monday’s lecture wasn’t depressing enough, here’s my weekly attempt at reading the Honey Badger’s mind (click).

what we missed on block week…in SCIENCE

Here’s a sampling of science you likely missed last week: What in the hell is parthenogenesis?  Those six syllables might end the embryonic stem cell debate for good. Alcohol intoxication facilitates creative problem solving.  Yup A protein called Jagged-1, sounds like a rough rider, but might actually stimulate bone growth.  Click here Remember epigenomics?  Might be […]

this week in science! Zombie cells, resources for anatomy, and how my favorite seafood will save babies

Scientists really need to know when to stop.  Zombie cells.      WTF cutting through the mumbojumbo… guy invented a 1-time flu vaccination. well done this would be a perfect and mindnumbing fight club between biochem, micro and immuno.  in this fight club battle royale, we all know Vaughn would eventually take home the belt.   […]

Having a productive blizzard?

So I put on my gunner hat and pounded out a quick study guide to peruse as you ride out the storm.  I’m on the beach with a crowd all snowed in, having a great time, so find time to get outside and check out the drifting (not Tokyo drifts) and have some fun.  Again, […]

Welcome to the final two weeks of block…study guide updated

anatomy-second-semester-oral-quiz Enjoy the new study guide, 7 new objectives this week, going to try and check out my old objective answers from the previous 4 weeks and double check all answers are as complete and accurate as possible.