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Prepare yourselves, summer is almost here…last guide

Last anatomy quiz guide for the year! Advertisements

A Public Service Announcement (yes the guide’s in here too)

  Sorry it took me so long.  Nice weather can be a real pain in the ass.   Block 6 Anatomy Study Guide

3 more quizzes to go!

Without much ado, find the link to this week’s study guide.  3 more weeks of this.  Does that mean 3 more weeks of blogging relevancy? Maybe.  Stay tuned over the weeks to come to hear about how I hope I can recruit some help to make sure we all pass boards next year… Block 6 […]

time for pelvic exams!

spring test! lol thats all this morning

how can medical students help Boston?

By now, most of you know the identity of the man I pictured above.  His name is Carlos Arredondo and here’s a link to an interesting article about his involvement in the Boston Marathon tragedy.  The brief backstory: Carlos was at the finish line at the time of the explosions that killed 3 and injured nearly […]

The beginning of the end…and some science

The final countdown.  4…3…2…1  I know our blackboard metaphor is going to keep my rapt attention.  Block 6 is here!  Time for pelvic exams!  I think?  I have no idea but I bet as we continue our education into the pelvis, poop jokes are sure to follow.  Can’t wait.  Poop.  I laughed writing that.  Well, […]

Because I know y’all don’t have anything better to do….SCIENCE!

How much science have we missed??  A whole heap man, a whole heap.  First, let’s begin with some useful new info before I digress into herpes.  Yea, herpes.  Wait for it. SCIENCE LEVEL:  THOUGHT-PROVOKING First, it’s autism awareness month.  Check out this interesting article (not very scientific, in retrospect), but really a good read and […]

for all those needing some GI physio

  Google Drive for Binks Physio slides

Anybody else feeling like this?

and feel like every professor is feeling like…. …?

classmate reactions to 11am