The beginning of the end…and some science

The final countdown.  4…3…2…1  I know our blackboard metaphor is going to keep my rapt attention.  Block 6 is here!  Time for pelvic exams!  I think?  I have no idea but I bet as we continue our education into the pelvis, poop jokes are sure to follow.  Can’t wait.  Poop.  I laughed writing that.  Well, in case anyone cared, I also had a lovely weekend not writing an anatomy guide, drinking, eating fine food and forgetting about last week.  I scored a 5/18 this morning and I couldn’t care less.


If anyone’s still feeling a weekend hangover, or is familiar, should know that a nice greasy meal makes everything feel better.  Science agrees.  Even more groundbreaking in the news of crap-we-already-knew, science also supports the claim that men just dont read women’s emotions very well.  It’s inborn.  We can’t help it.  You read it here.  And there if you don’t believe me here.

And if you’re reading to learn something useful; a functional kidney, grown from newborn rat cells, has been transplanted back into that ratazithromycin has bad side effects now (CV); a new target in fighting hypercholesterolemia identified; and tiny little sponges are being designed to sop up nasty infections, like MRSA.

So, good luck on Block 6.  It’ll go quickly and, before you know it, we’ll all disperse to our various impress internships, jobs, shadowing, volunteering or what have you.  Do I have a job or any clue what I’m doing this summer?

Oh well.  I’ll figure something out I’m sure.  Lots to figure out in the coming weeks, along with tons of events we all have to run as we morph into the students responsible for running this place next year.  And, im out of segues…My friends think I look like this…

whaddya think?


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