Because I know y’all don’t have anything better to do….SCIENCE!

How much science have we missed??  A whole heap man, a whole heap.  First, let’s begin with some useful new info before I digress into herpes.  Yea, herpes.  Wait for it.


First, it’s autism awareness month.  Check out this interesting article (not very scientific, in retrospect), but really a good read and makes you think twice about any unruly children you’ll encounter while out eating.  As for the scientific method and how the public funding landscape in this country needs to start promoting ‘reproduction of results‘.  This Nature article addresses how un-reproducible some studies are, how grants need to start requiring rounds of reproducible results, and what barriers exist to making this come to fruition.  And finally in thought-provoking news: the existing trend to decrease medical resident working hours has been turned on its snout.  Looks like that the shorter the shift, the more mistakes we will make!  Fun!


Wanna learn more about Roux-en-Y?  Check out this new study regarding rapid diabetes improvement thanks to the gastric bypass surgery.  And if the diabetes doesn’t go away, go to your nearest space station for some high efficacy insulin!  Wanna learn more about what’s being done in neurology for appetite?  Check out this study that grows new neurons from ‘appetite stem cells’ called tanycytes in the hypothalamus.  The basis for the investigation is that many eating problems, over or under-eating, can be caused by the depletion of hypothalamic circuitry.


For any classmates shuddering from the idea of pricking themselves for any blood test, this new device offers a reprieve and opportunity to become the bionic Endocrine Man.  Blood testing implant, under the skin, hooked to your iphone…smells like a cash cow, call your accountants.  Also, and in my opinion, controversially, CD47-upregulation has been recognized as an integral mechanisms underlying many forms of cancer.  Well, its about time someone tried using a monoclonal antibody to block CD47 function.  And it worked, and apparently, it literally shrinks every type of tumor that they threw the treatment at.  Pretty cool, needs reproduction.


Spring break can have it’s up’s and downs.  You could get a sunburn leading to melanoma…which would be bad.  You could also get herpes, which isn’t a pleasant time.  Well it turns out if you’re a lucky dog and contract both diseases?…herpes to the rescue!  But once your melanoma has succumbed to its own herpes infection, it has the chance to cause memory loss and other cognitive problems.  And if you’re looking back on your spring break and saying hey…I didn’t have unprotected sex! I put toilet covers down every time I dropped one down in Cancun!  Did you have oysters?  Turns out, they have their own herpes problem.  Don’t worry though, unless you’re patient zero for an Pacific oyster herpes mutant, enjoy all the aphrodisiacs you want.  In other gross news, milk in the UK can grow MRSA!

Enjoy the weekend, you library monkeys you.


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