an HIV baby cured, sex > aspirin, MIT labs do it again, and an teenage American nuclear physicist

It was one of those days yesterday when you wake up and log onto the news and find something that’s truly cool.  An infant, placentally infected with HIV, was treated very quickly as a neonate with a triple threat of known anti-retroviral therapies (unconventional).  Fast forward to about 2 years of age… At this point, the story indicates that the child hadn’t been getting her medications and child services were required to intervene.  Welp, it’s at this point they figure out that the child is HIV free.  And, after a battery of testing, top AIDS researchers have confirmed the findings.  Awesome

Anyway, here’s some other random thoughts for the week.  So yesterday morning, I woke up and found a cured HIV patient.  Sweet.  Ever think about what’s next?  Like alien life?  Like the origin of life? Here are a couple smaller studies that point towards that day:

  • 25,000 light years away, a gas cloud exists that contains complex molecules that are precursors to alanine and adenine.
  • Studies to explore the Earth’s ‘deep subsurface’ aims to reveal highly isolated microbial life that may point to possible biological seeding by Mars or asteroid
  • The new deep space James Webb telescope now purports to be able to identify the presence of alien life by analyzing the atmospheric spectrum of planetary object near white dwarf star

And back to medicine.  And out of MIT, a new janitor came forward with a way to monitor anyone’s pulse with a standard video camera and some non-standard software.  Now fully tenured, the janitor’s technique analyzes teeny tiny changes in skin coloration and amplifies it nearly 100X.  The end result is friggin’ cool.  Here’s the article.

I find myself conflicted at home at times.  Assassin’s Creed 3, Halo 4 or biochemistry….or sleep.  Looks like I have to wait to play these kind of games as many surgeons-in-training use Wii successfully to improve their laparoscopic skills

A team of horny neurologists have determined that the next time you have a common headache, perhaps instead of reaching for an aspirin or other NSAID, you should reach for a consenting partner and a glass of water.

And finally, while most Americans rightfully lament the amount of tax payer  and donor $$ for biotech studies like these, sometimes a rare person pops onto my radar that makes me (briefly) wonder if American education is on the uptick.  An 18 year old kid, who formerly constructed a nuclear reactor in his family’s barn, (and has a TED lecture) has now engineered a compact system that uses atomic waste from weapons and plants that generates create 50-100 megawatts! you kidding me bro? 18 years old, kid’s designed a way to reduce atomic waste safely and power ~ 100,000 home per reactor.  You sir, are awesome

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