a how-to on surviving Block 5…with Jim Carrey

oopsie daisy…someone didnt study for his irat

soooo…Block 5 is here.  The much maligned chunk of time that, according to second years, played a huge part in filtering out more classmates than the entire first semester combined.  Scared?  Don’t be, just remember that last year, they had individual exams for each course, much unlike our experience will be.  But don’t be complacent; looking ahead, numero cinco looks to be a douzy despite how we’re tested.


Which promise did you make for this block?

get better sleep?

get regular exercise and eat well?










spend more time in anatomy lab?

drink less?









actually complete the objectives?




volunteer more?






maintain a balanced life approach this time?









attend all biochem lectures to avoid any episodes of ‘today in over-represented clinical vignettes we’ll never see in real life’ on the exams?

be more confident next time?









and try flirting with someone new?

hit the gym more?










but then realize you sound like this?

On a serious-er note…

Whatever promises you made to yourself, I bet you’ll break them.  It’s too easy to make these silent promises and forget about them when the going gets tough.  Sure, life’s nice right now…you passed your irat without reading a page this weekend and you have the time to deflect dealing with your shortcomings from last block.  You can isolate yourself from the pack to study better, or you could join a group to find your inspiration.

I challenge you to utilize this down time.  Identify your motivators.  What are they?  Or, who are they?  Surround yourself with people that inspire you and I promise, in turn, you’ll inspire them.  And please, don’t run to your nearest neighborhood gunner and analyze how they do things.  Don’t let jealousy inspire you.  We all work effectively in various ways, so don’t force yourself to be something you’re not.  Get lost in the challenge ahead and forget who you are.  Forget ego and forget hate.  Help others around you, and you too shall be helped.




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  1. Well said Sam

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