this week in science! Zombie cells, resources for anatomy, and how my favorite seafood will save babies

sunday lab review

Scientists really need to know when to stop.  Zombie cells.      WTF

cutting through the mumbojumbo… guy invented a 1-time flu vaccination. well done

this would be a perfect and mindnumbing fight club between biochem, micro and immuno.  in this fight club battle royale, we all know Vaughn would eventually take home the belt.    interferons, HIV, Ebola and cholesterol synthesis…oh my!

gross but cool for all you aspiring OB/GYN        birth defect? glue it back up

bionic proteins…nuf said

i dont think anything could make me reallllly punch a baby, but if the US Supreme Court follows a similar Australian decision, people are going to begin patenting actual human genes, and i might feel a baby punching urge

Corporate gene pool?

I’m tired and this test is stressing me out bigtime.  Enjoy the links and be sure to check out other resources to keep your head fresh.  I’d recommend Michigan’s anatomy index here.  Great stuff on head autonomics.  Also, here’s another copy of the the anatomy quiz review thingy.  anatomy-second-semester-oral-quiz





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