anatomical immunomicrohistophysiobiochemical OMM!

I have to say this guys: i really like our class.  Nearly everyone gets along, and, for the most part we’re all seeming to getting this med school thing a bit more.  Med school is hard as hell but the major reason I chose this place over any other place is thanks to a few, (now), second years who took the time to chat with me during my interview.  I knew only one person at this school prior to that day, yet, several people took the time to say hi and get to know me, (during their Block week!)

I was sold.  At that time, I had spent some time in close contact with students at an allopathic school in Boston; and, waiting for the Amtrak to take me home the afternoon after my interview, I knew that I had to come here if I could.  The academic spirit is cooperation, even under duress.

Well, this week I’m feeling some big-time stress.  Summer opportunities are filling up, progress test and blocks on the horizon, crappy intramural refs pissing me off (seriously, if you’re the Joey Crawford wanna-be, please don’t ever visit my blog again), Mother Nature messing with our schedules, and ….. outlook.  facepalm

Now, on a daily basis, I’m probably not the most excited person in the world anymore.  This fall, I was giddy, I was at class at 7am each morning wide awake and engaged.  Partially fueling me was nervous energy.  How will we be graded?  How will I compare?  Am I ready for med school?

Now that all the logistical dust of a new school has settled, I need to find that nervous energy again.  I look around class and see that others have also lost momentum since Day 1 and wonder how we get it back.  I’ve realized that in the fatigue of exam after exam after exam after SPEx after miskeyed IRAT and no sleep, some of us have gone into survival mode.  I know I have.  Time to rebound.

Despite blocks coming up, I see signs of life around me.  When a classmate ran outta luck and busted her knee up, a google doc was circulated the next week to make sure she had rides to and from her classes and physical therapy.  Our Facebook page is always alive with tips, free rides to school in weather, and opportunities for further enrichment.  I found this random letter on the net too.

Even as I write this post, I feel maybe that I’ve been the one with his head in the sand, ignoring great opportunities to share, endorse, & help my classmates.  And yes, I’m fully aware of how much I sound like any (read: mine) father, so pardon me as I channel my curmudgeonly inner old man mixed with a little bwhite.  Let’s (a) try not kill anyone this week, not even the refs, (b) remember how awesome your friends are here, and (c) embrace this challenge.

Learning medicine is one of the hardest things to do.  Allegedly, the human body isn’t assembled for your learning style.  So, if there’s something you’re having trouble with before this block hits us (along with another winter storm), speak up! Sound off, and I bet someone in our class has something to share with you and help you get over that hump.  There’s nothing like teaching another to solidify your knowledge, so dont be afraid to be awesome and help out your 106 neighbor.

That’s the idea behind Quizlet too.  If anyone out there has great flashcards to share, I’m an admin for the UNECOM Block 4 class on that website.  Make a deck on something you can be confident in and join the class.  We have a handful of great flashcards already and hope more people decide their worthwhile.

That will be all.  Good luck y’all and keep your eyes peeled for more study guides, diagrams and review sessions that everybody will be offering soon.

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