This week in SCIENCE!

a young Vaughn?

Other things to consider than which comedian our lecturer is channeling today…

Med students are slowly losing their minds…

Tell me something I dont know.  Stress, anxiety, depression…check, check, and give me some time.

Motivation to hit the gym??

Answer, probably not.  While the study might read to most as “Athletes have higher sperm count than couch potatoes”, I read it as “Couch potato lifestyle is a protective factor versus pregnancy risk”.  Making lemonade here

Scientists are such pilus-blockers

Nicking enzyme? sound familiar? Maybe not, but its important for the transfer of plasmids among S. aureus, even the superhero’s among them.  We can block, we have the technology.

this kid is smarter than all of us put together

17 year old kid from Wyoming becomes 1 of about 60 in the world to achieve nuclear fusion. Yup, it happened in his dad’s shed too.

getting closer to rebuilding Luke’s hand

Superdorks in Scotland have designed a cool way to arrange embryonic stem cells in three-dimensions- we’re getting closer to some awesome sci-fi future

Drinking milk rids you of garlic breath

Just a Valentines Day tip here, if anything.

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  1. Jelly rolls: the new contraceptive.

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