This week, in boredom

I’m bored on the net a lot, so here’s a smattering of interesting science news for the bored among the OMS masses.

I know leprosy isn’t such a huge issue in countries such as ours, but leprosy causes significant damage to a victim physically and socially in many developing regions.  Check out the link to read about a breakthrough in leprosy research.

Leprosy & Stem Cells

Boots beat me to it on the FB page, but here’s another link to an interesting new study of quadruple stranded DNA and its implications.

4 Stranded DNA

Apparently, all this nonsense about chemotaxis and that it occurs due to a chemical gradient is finally true.  Never proven experimentally until now, we can now believe our immunology professor.

Immune Cell Gradients

Stop the fight! Al Gore save us!

Cannibal lobsters thx to global warming

Klebsiella on the loose!  How an NIH hospital targeted a new resistant pathogen that was ripping through the building.

Currant Jelly

Don’t all giggle now, marijuana is a prescription many of us will write and it’s important to know any major happenings in its research.

Long term marijuana use does not affect IQ

And in light of the devastating loss the Patriots suffered last night, (you should know I’m a fan by now), this study says I should try and stay more optimistic.

High optimism associated with high anti-oxidant Levels

That’s it

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