Jesus Christmas…

These are the things I hate about football.  I see a 23 year old man get his ass knocked out by another mans skull.

How did Phil Simms and Jim Nance respond?  They didn’t even address it.

Did Ravens #97 emerge from the pile right after, shaking and shimmying with the change of possession right in Stevan Ridley’s concussed grill?  Yes he did.

In fact, it took me a significant amount  of time to locate one tweet, blog, FB post, etc…that showed an ounce of concern for Ridley’s health.

Injuries like these will end football as we know it.  Already the game is changing to meet healthier goals for their athletes, which is still isn’t admirable considering the lack of money veterans receive to address their health problems long after they’ve retired from the NFL.

It concerns me how many fans likely jumped out of their seat cheering the play that unseated Stevan’s brain and added another sub-concussive hit to Bernard Pollard’s resume (see:

It also concerns me the amount of blathering we can expect over Ray Lewis, who we all know is an employee of the Baltimore Ravens (to the tune of near $15m lifetime), and we know to be an actual murderer and wonderful friend.


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