And here we go!


Since this blog is about to be ‘Facebook official’ with the class shortly, welcome to my experiment here.  

Last summer, I had an idea to create and manage a running dialogue with my classmates and chronicle how we’re developing (if at all).  Honestly, that idea alone was pretty dry and I refuse to let it become my personal diary.  I do plan to post my random musings that might have a bit more mass appeal, along with educational videos (once I pay wordpress for video capabilities), personal study guides, case vignettes, memes of people you know and more.

Importantly, a point I want to make is this blog is ultimately flexible and beholden to great suggestions, comments, and criticisms from my classmates and/or anyone who stumbles across my new corner of the blogosphere.  

Eventually this blog will be a resource for any first or second year medical student because I hope to manage it for the remainder of my first two years of school.  An archive will slowly be created, starting now with our Cardiology block, and will be publicly accessible for future UNECOMers. 

Find important links on the right sidebar to our Facebook page, Blackboard, and Alex’s new Google Wiki page (which is totally awesome). 

So come back soon, follow me on Twitter if you want, and I’ll do my best not to clutter your Facebook alerts too badly.


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